After the clay sculpture is finished, it is covered in liquid rubber. Once the rubber is cured it is covered in plaster, forming a sort of exoskeleton.The rubber and plaster are removed in pieces; after they are re-assembled there is a hollow negative space in the shape of the sculpture. The sculpture can then be cast in bronze or re-composited stone.


There is a special relationship in the creation of a memorial sculpture. The artist and patron work together to create a lasting memory that honors the identities of those who have contributed to our lives. The sculpture can be created from a special photograph or from the combinations of several photos with stories and memories of the individual. A memorial can take the form of a relief as seen here as well as a plaque or free-standing sculpture.


Digital Paintings
These paintings explore how we interact with the limitations of our daily lives. The process utilizes the power of digital media to create the unique effects of optical color mixing with the versatility of being presented in a digital or printed format that can be made custom to your space.